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Born in very North of Scotland, Mikie Henderson is on a journey to play the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee - an ambitious target for a Scot! His Scottish culture, American Country Music influences and contemporary flair make for a fresh Country-Pop sound, accompanied by honest tales of love, loss, and life.

Mikie has been working and performing in the music industry for over 15 years and has always had a passion for Country music. Since bursting onto the original music scene in 2022, Mikie has been building a name for himself with charting releases and live appearances across the length and breadth of the UK, as well as in Nashville, TN - the heart of country music. 

2024, the year that is set to be Mikie's biggest year to date, has so far seen him take his music all the way to Nashville, Tennessee - a dream of his since a young age. Mikie played numerous shows in Nashville, including at 2 famous Nashville original music nights; 'Nashville Tour Stop' and 'Undiscovered Nashville.' Mikie has 2 more singles set for release this year and several more live performances and festivals. 

2023 was a standout year with the release of 2 new singles and the success of The 'Tonight Tour' - Mikie's first headline UK tour - which visited towns and cities across the full length of the UK. Reaching Number 2 in the UK iTunes Country Music Charts behind Luke Comb's version of 'Fast Car,' Mikie's 2023 country-pop bop 'Tonight' showcased the epitome of his personality, style and sound. 'Never Get Old' is Mikie's most recent single and was placed on Spotify's 'Hot Country' Playlist. 

2022 was an exciting year for Mikie with the release of 5 singles, each one of them commanding worldwide radio airplay, including across the BBC and Country Radio. Two of those releases, 'ROLLED A SIX' and 'Under the Light of Your Love', have been favourites amongst fans amassing over 33,000 streams on Spotify alone. 'ROLLED A SIX' dominated Country Radio in the UK as well as receiving airplay on numerous BBC Radio Stations. The release was celebrated live on air on BBC Radio Bristol through a live interview with DJ Steve Yabsley. 

"The impressive track also brings back the classic driving guitar solos, and incredible guitar hooks whilst featuring an insanely catchy chorus making the track the perfect sing-a-long anthem that will no doubt go down a storm at festivals"


"If you're a Brad Paisley, Chris Young or a big guitar fan, you're going to absolutely love this" on ROLLED A SIX.



"It's clear that the team behind Mikie and their working relationship really does get the words from the paper into a well-rounded, great-sounding country hit"


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During 2022 Mikie also performed at the British Country Music Association's (BCMA) Awards Ceremony showcasing his popular releases and unreleased material. 

Mikie's solo music career started in 2020 which saw him release his debut Single ‘If Only’ which charted in the iTunes Country Music Charts and reached the final of the 2021 UK Country Music Award’s Song Award. 

Mikie's all-time influences are Brad Paisley, Eagles and The Proclaimers however he is currently drawing inspiration for his sound from artists such as Russell Dickerson, Morgan Wallen and Keith Urban. At an early age Mikie grew to love country music with influences such as Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, and George Jones. 

Mikie was the front man of popular Country Music band ‘The Chicken Pickers’, who over the course of their career, won several awards and played on the same bill as country stars such as Gene Watson, Leona Williams, Highway 101, and Heather Myles. Mikie featured on numerous episodes of BBC Alba's programme ‘Ceol Country’ and has had various appearances on Spotlight TV. Mikie is also a proud winner of the Silver Pendant singing award which is the highest accolade at the Royal National Mod for learners of the Scots Gaelic language. 

Mikie is delighted to be welcoming you on this exciting journey with him.

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