Latest Release - ROLLED A SIX

“I spent many years of my life chasing something – in music – that I’m not sure if I’ll ever get. But I’ve learned over the years, and more recently, that it’s the journey that counts and if we take a moment to look around us – we will see so many things that we are lucky to have.” 


Reached Number 2 in the iTunes Country Music Charts ahead of Luke Comb's 'The Kind of Love We Make'. 

Gained worldwide and national radio play including on several BBC Radio Stations, Absolute Radio Country and Country Line Radio.

Rolled a Six Artwork.png

Previous Release - Victory in Europe Day

“A few years ago on May 8th, I was watching the Victory in Europe Day celebrations on TV - “the War after the War that would end all wars”... I happened to change the channel and couldn’t believe I was watching a clip of our MPs debating whether or not to bomb Syria. The irony that that conversation was happening while we were celebrating the end of World War 2 inspired this song. Although I release this song in tribute of the Fallen of all wars – past and present – I also want to release this song in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.”


“As I sit here on the 8th of May, on Victory in Europe Day Thinking about the Fallen, who fought to keep me here today”

Victory In Europe Day Artwork.png